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Op-Ed: How we can make it safer to report sexual misconduct in the workplace

RoadMap is partnering with 9to5, the National Association for Working Women to combat sexual harassment & bullying. Together, we offer training and coaching for social justice organizations, unions and others. Recently, on the heels of the 27th anniversary of Anita Hill’s testimony about sexual harassment, 9to5 staff member Linda Garcia Barnard got this op-ed published. It is a stark reminder that we have more work to do in creating safety and a culture of consent.


In Memoriam: Mike Wong

RoadMap mourns the passing and celebrates the life of activist, civil rights lawyer, and consultant Mike Wong. He was a beautiful soul and dear friend to many in RoadMap. Among his many contributions to the social justice movement, Mike co-created RoadMap’s 360 assessment tool, My Healthy Organization (MHO), alongside RoadMap director and consultant Emily Goldfarb […]