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What Is Strategic Communications and Why Does it Matter?

What is strategic communications and why does it matter? 9/13/2016 By Jen Soriano and Joseph Phelan In our movements and organizations, most of us understand that communications is important. We hold press conferences, send out press releases, prep our members to be spokespeople, and create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for our organizations. We get […]


Capacity-Building for Alliances: the CORE Model

RoadMap is proud to announce our new report documenting the Capacity Building for Our Resilience and Effectiveness (CORE) model, developed in collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA). CORE provides targeted, tailored organizational development to a set of NDWA affiliates to bolster their organizations’ abilities to sustain themselves and contribute more effectively to the alliance. Download the report here.


CAUSE Reports on Conditions for Farmworkers

During summer 2015, the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) surveyed over 500 farmworkers about their working conditions, from Santa Paula to Santa Maria, California.  They asked about issues like rest breaks, pesticide exposure, unpaid wages, and access to drinking water.  To learn more about the devastating results they found, check out […]