Become a Beacon Project Fellow

Are you interested in becoming a Beacon Project fellow? The fellowship application has two parts: one for potential fellows and one for executive directors of the organizations from which fellows apply. Please fill out the set of questions appropriate to your role in your organization.


  • Social justice organizations that play a leadership/anchor role in their sector(s) or alliance, who have shown a willingness to impart, connect, and share with others towards ensuring movement success;

  • Organizations with recent experience with a capacity-building engagement, transformational change process, and/or demonstrated capacity and openness to organizational change;

  • A commitment to allowing fellows and Executive Directors to fully engage in sessions, practices, and activities

  • A commitment to provide all necessary resources and support for staff to fully engage and succeed in the Beacon Project process, including, but not limited to, creating space and opportunities for staff to practice and test out new skills and activities.;


To be considered as a Beacon Fellow, you must be a staff leader who has established trust, respect, and credibility within your organization or alliance. Further, you must be someone who is passionate about social justice, with a minimum of 5 years paid experience in your sector(s). You must have a demonstrated ability in the following leadership areas:

  • An organizational leader, other than a director-level staff, who has a “radar” for the state of organizational health;

  • Organizational leader who has established trust, respect, and credibility among the full staff;

  • Organizational leader who is passionate for social justice in current and past jobs, with a minimum of 5 years paid experience in their sector(s);

  • Demonstrated ability to think critically and strategically;

  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in activities to build internal capacity and wellbeing;

  • Demonstrated interest in building relationships with all levels of the organization/alliance.

Further, you must be willing to participate/engage in the following ways:

  • Willingness to engage in an individual transformation process;

  • Willingness to learn, engage, and lead collective transformation processes for their organization/alliance;

  • Commitment to fully engage in all sessions, practices, and activities;

  • Commitment to active and timely communication with the Beacon team; and

  • Commitment to create organizational opportunities to practice new skills and tools.

  • A two-year commitment to participate in all program activities;

  • A commitment to remain with the organization after completing the fellowship; and

  • Interest and commitment to finding balance between work and personal life.

REQUIREMENTS (for the organization, fellow and E.D.)

  • Beacon Project will prioritize organizations/alliances led by and in service of people of color;

  • Recent and/or current RoadMap clients, or those well known to our team, will receive priority consideration;

  • Participate fully in all of the trainings, retreats, coaching sessions, and cohort activities;

  • The fellow must allocate a minimum of 8 hours, per week, to work on organizational change activities. This may include performing and completing Beacon goals and responsibilities;

  • The fellow is given the explicit and public authority to be the beacon, organization-wide, to develop and execute changes towards individual and organizational project success;

  • The E.D. (and/or primary supervisor) will support the fellow with regular one-on-one meetings to share information and plans;

  • The organization allocates a minimum of 1 staff meeting a month for an activity designed by the fellow;

  • The E.D. agrees to attend 2 days of the first retreat, 2 days of the final retreat and agrees to quarterly coaching calls from a RoadMap coach or consultant;

  • The organization/alliance agrees to pay $8000.00 to partially cover the cost of participation. The tuition fee can be covered through a combination of self-pay and/or grants. We have a limited amount of scholarship funding to help cover tuition gaps.