The Beacon Project

A lighthouse notifies sailors that land is near and warns them that they are approaching rocks, reefs and shallow waters. The Beacon is the guiding light of the lighthouse. It shines in all directions so that it can be used by sailors as a focal point, while steering towards a safe harbor.

RoadMap’s Beacon Project is a creative and exciting initiative designed to address systemic weaknesses and gaps that many of us have witnessed inside organizations for years. This pilot project will build a cadre of about 10 staff leaders to become “Beacons”, that is, internal change agents and catalysts for organizational resiliency, health and effectiveness.

Beacons will participate in an intensive leadership and organizational development program accompanied by additional one-on-one support. The goal is to embed transformational change skills and practices inside organizations and alliances in a sustainable and consistent way.

We expect to select 10-12 organizations and alliances to participate in this pilot session, spanning approximately 18 months. Each organization may nominate one staff leader, or fellow, to be a Beacon. The organization’s executive director is also expected to participate throughout the project, although at a less intense level. Where possible, and under specific conditions, a second fellow from one organization may be accepted.


Assessments: Individual and organizational assessments will serve as a springboard to the leadership development and skills-building work of the project. Specifically, 360 degree Leadership Assessment and RoadMap’s My Healthy Organization/Alliance tools will be completed with each fellow and organization/alliance.

Retreats: In order to build relationships, trust, and a sense of community among the Beacon fellows, as well as engage in experiential learning, participants will attend a 3-day retreat at the beginning of the program, a 2-day retreat after the first year and a 2-day retreat at the end of the program.

Trainings: The curriculum will include practical workshops, trainings, and practice; the opportunity to examine individual strengths and challenges; develop an understanding and practical application of aligning organizational systems and practices; reflection and mindfulness tools and practices; and broadening the understanding and analyses of our communities and organization with a somatic lens. A full list of skills and tools can be found below.

Customized change initiatives for each organization that describe desired goals and demonstrated impacts and provide the opportunity to deepen skills via actual practice. A coach will work with the fellow and executive director to implement the initiative.

Quarterly learning opportunities via group conference call and/or video chat will focus on topics identified by the cohort of fellows via group conference call and/or video chat.

Coaching: Bi-weekly, 60-minute phone coaching session for fellows.

Coaching: Quarterly 60-minute phone coaching sessions for executive directors.

Evaluations: The bi-monthly coaching calls are mini-evaluation and goal-setting conversations. There will be a more formal and comprehensive evaluation that takes place at the final retreat.

Timeline: projected & subject to change.



As a result of participation in the Beacon Project, fellows will be able to:

  • Assess where support and intervention is required within team and organizational processes to ensure positive outcomes, greater stability and joy, and less staff turnover;

  • Provide a bridge to senior leadership so communication about organizational gaps and needs is shared and addressed actively and in real time;

  • Provide guidance, facilitation, training, and coaching within their system, leading to less dependency on external consultants, especially in moments of crisis;

  • Propagate and sustain processes and facilitation and assessment skills so the organization grows and develops in its ability to proactively diagnose and solve problems; and

  • Develop and support individual and collective policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that produce more equitable power, opportunities, and treatment for people of color inside the organization/alliance.


Through a range of skills-building and leadership development strategies, this project will develop a team of leaders, within social justice organizations and alliances, who will become highly proficient in a range of organizational and interpersonal skills towards:

  • Creating and maintaining an organizational culture that brings organizational values to practices;

  • Strategic and systems-thinking;

  • Skill and confidence in initiating, teaching and leading courageous conversations;

  • Ability to diagnose and reduce barriers that prevent teams and groups from being as powerful as they can be, such as weaknesses in the areas of communications, decision making, accountability and transparent sharing of power and authority;

  • Coaching, mentoring and effective supervision;

  • Transformative practices that support the body, mind and spirit and help individuals and the collective address and change unproductive patterns of behavior; and

  • Skills in integrating racial justice and equity practices.

Are you interested in becoming a Beacon fellow?  Learn more here: