Consultant Quality Assurance

Here are some Quality Assurance General Practices That RoadMap Consultants Follow:

  • RoadMap Consultants Conduct Site Visits Before Developing a Scope of Work: Getting to know the key individuals within the organization, building trust and rapport, observing the organization in action and having honest, face-to-face conversations will assist the development of a tailored Scope of Work that speaks to the needs and conditions of the organization.
  • RoadMap Consultants Conduct Regular Check-ins To Ensure the Work is On Track: Every 6-8 weeks, consultants and clients will discuss how the work is going and reflect on what you are learning together. Some questions to consider include areas of growth and victories to celebrate, how the engagement is supporting a more impactful organization, how can the advances be sustained and what skills or strategies do we need to deepen work?
  • Communication with the Director: OD engagements rarely go as perfectly as originally planned, and different conditions may require adjusting the timeline, using different strategies and sometimes modifying the scope altogether. RoadMap consultants will discuss these issues with the Director at the first sign that there may be a substantial challenge or major new development in the work.
  • The Value of Mid and End Point Evaluations: In addition to regular check-ins, RoadMap conducts mid-point and end of engagement evaluations to assess more fully the project outcomes. These evaluations are shared with the Director who can provide additional support and feedback in order to assess if the work is on track and/or if adjustments need to be made.
  • Get Agreement on the Need for Course Corrections, Addressing Delays and Modifying the Scope: Excessive delays can impact the overall quality of the work (e.g., lack of follow through and critical momentum, inconsistent application of strategies, organizational confusion or frustration). Given the challenge of time-limited engagements, it is important to address organizational patterns of inactivity or lack of prompt follow through and assess and agree to whether the Scope of Work needs to be adjusted.
  • RoadMap Consultants Track and are Mindful of the Budget: RoadMap consultants will regularly track hours worked/billed and review the periodic budget updates provided by RoadMap, in order to stay on track with meeting the requirements of the engagement.