Alfreda Barringer: E-Learning Manager and Consultant

I am unashamedly a product of racially segregated school systems in North Carolina, except one year of forced busing for the sake of integration.  When my daughter was twelve and facing a one-hour bus ride each day to attend her first year of junior high school, I shifted from leading Brownie troops and directing children’s plays to organizing neighbors to seek equality in our schools, neighborhoods, and city.”

Alfreda has over 30 years of experience in organizational development, nonprofit financial management, planning, and leadership training. Alfreda is Senior Consultant with Grassroots Leadership in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was formerly Director of Operations. She is also a faculty member of Francis Marion University’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute. Her mission is to promote life-long learning, encourage inquiry into the cultural and operational dimensions of organizations, and to strengthen nonprofit leaders. She is a Kellogg National Fellow and was a founding board member of Hidden Valley Community Development Corporation. She also served as an appointee to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Development Corporation.

Alfreda served as a consultant for Southeastern Organizational Development Initiative (SODI), working with a leadership team to help transform thinking about the “what” and “how” of organizational development and to strengthen the OD infrastructure in the southeastern United States. The disability rights organization Advocating Change Together (ACT) features her in a nationally distributed leadership video series called “Tools for Change.” Alfreda Barringer was featured in the February 2002 issue of Today’s Charlotte Woman magazine and the Charlotte Observer named her as one of its Heroes of Democracy.

She is a writer, trainer, facilitator, educator, community organizer, poet, and singer. She retired after 19 years of voluntary service as chairperson of the North Charlotte (Charlotte District) Performing Arts Department of her national church congregation.  Alfreda is a graduate of UNC Charlotte and of the Gallup Leadership Institute. She is a CPA. In addition, she holds a certificate in Community Economic Development from St. Augustine College and the NC association of Community Development Corporations.

Alfreda lives in Charlotte, NC.