Brigette Rouson: Consultant

“What fired me up about social justice as a young teen growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida was my curiosity about radicals, especially in the vein of Black liberation and feminism. I decided to go to the source- our local “Black militants”.  As a result, I found myself reading long handwritten letters sent from prisoners who were being abused by incarceration practices, including medical and psychological experiments. Some could not control their bodily functions. I also saw how people were being locked out of the voter registration and voting process. I knew something had to be done, and I had to be part of the solution.”

Brigette Rouson, J.D., M.A., is Principal of Rouson Associates, a consulting practice that offers genuine partnership, creativity, expertise and knowledge resources to transform organizational and community life. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, with a focus on building effectiveness and high-impact initiatives.

Brigette is involved in innovative work on cultural competency (racial/ethnic, linguistic, generational, rural, LGBT, immigration status, disabled, and other identities), ethical standards for capacity building, and community-engagement governance. She contributes to the knowledge base through publications as well as training and facilitation on cultural competency, fundraising, collaboration, business planning, evaluation of capacity building, and other timely issues. Brigette served as a contributing author and project coordinator for the newly released book Embracing Cultural Competency.

In philanthropy, Brigette has been active through consulting and training, grant review, organizing donors, fundraising strategy and engagement, and other nonprofit effectiveness support.

Consulting clients include Rockefeller Brothers Fund, CODEPINK, Women Empowered Against Violence, Mercy Health Clinic, Black Women’s Health Imperative, Environmental Support Center, and Grantmakers for Children.

Brigette lives in Washington, DC