Cameron Levin

“During the 1992 Rebellion in Los Angeles, I saw the city burning and communities being torn apart. I was forced to come face to face with the realities of the white supremacist system. The realities of racism and white privilege were laid so starkly bare that it forged in me a lifelong commitment to racial, economic, and social justice.”

Cameron Levin, MSW, has worked as a consultant, coach, organizer, facilitator, strategic planner, and trainer building movements for economic, racial, gender and social justice for the past 30 years. He brings deep expertise and commitment to the social justice community organizing sector and has worked with both nonprofit and volunteer organizations. He has extensive experience in management support, strategic planning, leadership development, diversity/equity/inclusion work, campaign development/coordination and capacity building. Cameron excels at tailoring solutions to meet organizations where they are at and in developing clear and efficient processes that deliver impactful results. His work as a consultant is grounded in his background as a social worker, an anti-oppression trainer and campaign strategy coordinator, as well as his 30 years of experience as a community organizer.

As a community organizer and a life-long member of movements for social justice, he believes it’s his social responsibility to participate in and support these movements and to uphold these values in all aspects of the work. What he finds most rewarding is seeing ideas turn into reality that lead to improving social conditions and the quality of peoples’ lives. Cameron brings practical experience, direct communication, compassion and accountability to his work. He is committed to anti-racist and anti-patriarchal practice.

Cameron has worked with over 40 social justice groups in Los Angeles and New York City. He has formed 10 volunteer grassroots organizations, one of which has been in existence for over 16 years. He worked with one group for 11 years and helped transition them into one of LA’s leading social justice nonprofits. He has been a front-line organizer, team leader, communications team coordinator, diversity/equity/inclusion strategist, social worker, campaign coordinator, strategic thinking coordinator, and management team coordinator.

One of Cameron’s most significant contributions to racial justice is the co-founding Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles (AWARE-LA) 16 years ago. Cameron led the development of a model for white anti-racist community organizing that has been utilized to build a network of over 500 white anti-racist organizing groups across the country.

When Cameron is not sweating it out for justice you can find him sweating it out to deep house music on a underground dance floor getting his groove on and keeping his soul alive. He resides in Los Angeles where he was born and raised.