Charles Cinque Fulwood: Strategic Communications Consultant

“When I was 18 years old, someone introduced me to a manual typewriter and a mimeograph machine—and to the power of communications. During a four-month sanitation workers strike in St. Petersburg, Florida, I joined a movement that produced and distributed leaflets and posters, and used bullhorns and loudspeakers to broadcast a message of justice to mobilized hundreds of people who marched, picketed, and boycotted every day until the workers won. Typewriters, mimeograph machines, leaflets, posters, bullhorns, and loudspeakers were the “internet” and “social media” of that day. I saw what these tools of “media” could do for people and change.”

Since that sanitation workers strike, Charles has worked on the communications and strategy side of a wide range of issues and organizations, including those anchored to philanthropy, environment, health care, new technology, capital punishment, international human rights, voting rights, electoral politics, emergency preparedness, and climate change.

Co-founder and Partner of MediaVision USA, LLC, Charles is now a veteran communications and media strategist with more than 25 years of national and international experience and specializes in strategic communications planning, branding, media campaigns, and crisis management.

A seasoned expert in managing complex and controversial issues, Charles also specializes in emergency, crisis and risk communications, message development, media training, and translating scientific, legal, and technical information for lay and media audiences. Charles has an extensive track record in designing strategic campaigns that engage media, policy-makers, elected officials, and the public.

Charles is a member of the teaching faculty of Johns Hopkins University, instructing a graduate course in Emergency and Risk Communications, and a former Communications Director for Amnesty International USA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Children’s Defense Fund. For more information, view Charles’ Linkedin profile.

Charles currently resides in Washington DC.