Elizabeth Seja Min: Strategic Consultant & Executive Coach

“Where I went to elementary school, physical fights were a daily reality with little teacher intervention – we ‘underprivileged’ kids were on our own. At the same time, in another context, I was given a full education in classical music. This clash of class realities shaped my resilience and sharpened my ability to be present with dignity in multiple worlds – still a lifelong journey as I work in social justice, human rights, philanthropy, leadership, fundraising and more. It’s all intersectional and moving parts. Let’s have each other’s backs in building the organizations we dream of.”

Elizabeth Seja Min has over 20 years communicating with heart, raising capital, developing leaders, and creating cultures that bring out an organization’s best. She’s held executive roles in four nonprofits, and been consultant, coach and facilitator to 100+ projects. An early adopter of design thinking and neuroscience-based communications, she’s helped clients in 14 countries reliably apply these approaches, particularly in the intersection of leadership, resource development and strategic communications, which is some of her favorite work.

Elizabeth is the year-around facilitator for the social enterprise New Day Films and executive director for the Association of Fundraising Professionals San Francisco. She’s core faculty for Spring Strategies’ international program Financial Resilience for Social Change, and executive coach for clients of the Women’s Leadership Institute. She’s one of the first worldwide certified in Conversational Intelligence and is a Certified Integral Coach. As a coach and consultant, she works with leaders and their teams across the rights and justice landscape. Elizabeth cut her teeth guiding teams as a music director and conductor when she founded an award-winning professional orchestra, led jazz ensembles, mentored young vocalists, and ran a record label dedicated to social justice (earning two Grammy nominations)

Elizabeth currently resides in Northern California.