James (Kim) Gilliam: Consultant

“The dawning of my social awareness was highlighted by the presence of armed national guardsmen on my college campus for two successive years.  I have carried my passion for social justice throughout my career which began in the early 1970’s as an Alinsky trained VISTA volunteer community organizer.”

Kim Gilliam is a fundraising consultant to a wide variety of social justice and environmental organizations throughout the country.  He specializes in working with the staff and board to develop and increase individual donor fundraising.  In addition to working one-on-one with clients, he also conducts major gift training workshops throughout the US and Canada and works as a senior associate for Training Resources for the Environmental Community (TREC), a Santa Fe based consulting group focused on the Rocky Mountain Ecosystem.

He brings a strong background in community organizing from his time as a VISTA volunteer in the upper Midwest where he developed campaigns to serve disadvantaged and low income populations.  After leaving the VISTA program, he led several nonprofit programs and organizations before entering the field of fundraising in 1984.

After four years as a fundraiser in private education, he became the Chief Development Officer for the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), charged with creating and directing fundraising operations for the organization.  His primary responsibilities at SELC revolved around securing large gifts from individuals and during his 14-year tenure, the major gifts program grew to generate 50 percent of the organization’s $5 million annual budget.  He also had substantial responsibility for national and regional foundation grants that supported the balance of the budget.   From 1997-2000, he led the organization’s successful $15.5 million Campaign for the Environmental Future of the South.

In 2002 he entered a full-time consulting practice working with individual clients to develop and enhance both 501(c)3 and (C)4 fundraising efforts.  In this capacity, he works closely with boards and staff on fundraising planning, revenue and expense forecasting, fundraising mentoring and coaching, and board training and development.

Kim lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Past clients include Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Tennessee Immigrant and Refuge Rights Coalition, Interfaith Workers Justice, New Mexico Environmental Law Center, and Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy.