Lennette Abad

“Going to a primarily white college after growing up in a majority black city was a rude awakening for my psyche. The aggressions ranged from micro to macro, grounding me in the understanding that I was going to have to get it together to maneuver and thrive without losing my mind.”


Lennette Abad is an astute and spirited being who spends a good chunk of her time playing, growing, and building up her virtual empire via her creative consultancy, Abad & Company. Creating everything from Brand & Messaging guides to communications strategies rooted in social justice and wellness, Lennette has over 8 years of experience of creating authentic organizational messaging.  


As a coach, her approach is intuitive, direct, kind-hearted, yet goal oriented. A natural-born storyteller, Lennette seeks to add strategy with vibes and occasional goofiness. Her education flowed to the University of Delaware where she graduated with a BS in Economics. Her favorite pastimes include eating, knitting, and travel, travel, travel. 


As it relates to her budding travel nonprofit, Karmic Connections — it is a dream in action. Healing is revolutionary and we deserve it.


Locationally, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic birthed her and Baltimore, MD has been home sweet home for nearly a decade with extended stays in the jungles of Costa Rica for razzle dazzle.