Lisa Jervis, IT Consultant

“I grew up privileged in New York City and came to feminism early on at my private high school, where all the girls were on diets and our male peers talked openly about how we really didn’t understand the math and science classes we were in alongside them. When I got to college, my commitment to feminism deepened and led me to a more holistic understanding of social justice, as well as an examination of my own race and class privilege. After more than a decade as a feminist writer and editor, I shifted my focus to operations and administrative work for racial and economic justice organizations as a way to contribute most to building the world I want to live in.“

Lisa Jervis has been building organizational infrastructure in social justice nonprofits for almost 20 years, combining administrative, operations, fundraising, and program experience to bring a uniquely sharp diagnostic and strategic eye.

She holds a masters degree in Information Management and Systems from the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley, where her studies focused on information organization, work practice studies, computer-supported cooperative work, and user-centered design methods. She brings these skills to bear in helping her clients develop a thorough understanding of their information system needs, and in designing solutions that meet those needs in alignment with existing work practices.

As a staff member and as a consultant, she has successfully executed a wide variety of operations and technology projects—from needs and tool assessment through implementation and training—including the deployment of cloud-based file server systems, the development of remote collaboration tool ecosystems, and CRM migrations. Before attending the School of Information, she was the Finance and Operations Director at the Center for Media Justice, where she oversaw the organization’s transition from fiscal sponsorship to independent 501(c)3 recognition and was responsible for technology strategy, implementation, and training, along with bookkeeping and organizational logistics.

As the founding Editor and Publisher of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, she honed the editorial voice of the magazine while growing it from a micro-circulation zine into a national quarterly nonprofit print and web publication with an audience of more than 100 thousand people. She is also the founding board chair of Women in Media and News, a member of the advisory board of outLoud Radio, and an active leader in technology strategy and implementation at the East Bay Meditation Center.

Lisa is a principal consultant at Information Ecology