Margi Clarke: Consultant

“I was raised in Washington D.C. in the late 60’s/early 70’s in my extended family where civil rights marches and peace rallies were regular outings. At age 21, I was lucky to get a paid organizing job in California that led me into a decade and a half working closely with the FMLN and civilian opposition groups in El Salvador — leading delegations to the war zones, organizing against U.S. military intervention, raising funds and supporting cooperative agriculture throughout Central America. From the early lesson that dissent and solidarity were normal, over time I learned how people’s movements have the power to affect national and international events. My work is guided by those powerful feelings of unity in action, and lessons-learned across generations, across borders and across communities.”

Margi Clarke is a strategy consultant, trainer and facilitator who brings sensitivity and practical tools to complex organizational issues.  She has experience working with small and large community-based organizations and social enterprise businesses in low-income, multi-ethnic communities.  Her background includes immigrant organizing, cooperative economic development, environmental justice and affordable housing.  She is bilingual in English and Spanish. Margi’s consulting practice focuses on strategic planning for groups and alliances; strategy development/program development; board/executive leadership coaching; and personnel and financial management practices that promote social justice values. Margi is the former Business Manager for RoadMap.

Margi lives in Berkeley, CA.  Her RoadMap clients include United We Dream, and the Climate Justice Alliance.