Mary Ann Castle: Consultant

“How does one describe the inner drives, the central commitment and goal of one’s political life? Sensitivities developed in childhood to personal/family discrimination because of class, ethnicity, awareness of racial and disability-related prejudice against school friends — the chance reading of the Catholic Worker newspaper found on a NYC street corner? All of these personal experiences propelled me to a quest to learn — to learn about the structure of inequality and the need to fight for civil and, later, human rights and social justice. Coming of age in the 1960s provided the social context for action; i.e. participation in the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War movements and, then, focused study about Marxism—all the while working as a secretary for a huge company. Engrained in my basic thinking, the most important work of my adult life has been to intervene in inequality and try to improve life possibilities for people who might benefit from my work.”

Mary Ann Castle, Ph.D. in anthropology, has 25 years of experience conducting Applied Research & Evaluation (qualitative, participatory, self assessment, quantitative methods), project/programme design & management (clinical, social service, education), curriculum writing, proposal development, data analysis and report writing, and presentation of research results. Mary Ann has also designed and implemented numerous evaluations, participatory and applied research projects in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Reproductive and Sexual Health, Maternal and Infant Health, Gender Equity, Harm Reduction, Domestic Violence, Trafficking Persons into the US — among diverse racial and ethnic populations throughout the US, Puerto Rico, India, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa. Castle has had the unique and primary responsibility as a researcher and evaluator for development of SRHR services, reproductive health professionals’ training, and advocacy and project management. She utilizes theories of change, extant data, and primary data collection to develop tailored tools and outcome indicators for these projects. Castle has collaborated with government agencies, NGOs/CBOs and grassroots organizations to initiate, expand and enhance services and activities for disenfranchised populations.

Mary Ann lives in New York.