Mohan Sikka, Consultant, Facilitator and Certified Coach

“As a politically engaged immigrant and gay man, I worked to get Obama elected twice. Some trends in the “age of Obama” I’ve found gratifying, such as improving (though not yet complete) access to health care for all, the fact that LGBT rights have stayed front and center in the national discourse, and the sense that immigrant power is growing despite tremendous odds. At the same time, many currents have gathered strength that have real potential to take us backwards: abysmal inequity, an economic system tilting toward speculation over gainful employment, and cultural forces that favor assimilation over a true understanding of difference. The violence faced by communities of color, women and trans* people continues unabated. Traditional power centers that are threatened by the changing makeup of this country are in full backlash mode, exemplified by the continuous efforts to shrink programs that empower the most vulnerable among us, including our newest neighbors. I see our collective work in movement building as an important bulwark against these forces, and as part of building step by step toward a more just society – the idea of ‘making the road by walking.'”

Mohan’s practice areas include strategic and operational planning, executive coaching, team building, group facilitation and board development. Mohan specializes in working with teams and leaders who want to clarify their primary purpose and make their vision for change as powerful as possible, or those who want to align their organizational and individual practices with desired impact.

Mohan has 20 years of nonprofit experience, starting with fundraising for community-based organizations, and over time gaining depth in planning, facilitation and coaching. Mohan was most recently Managing Director for Leadership Development at Community Resource Exchange, NYC’s premiere nonprofit consulting firm for groups fighting poverty and advancing social justice. At CRE, Mohan designed and implemented a range of cutting-edge offerings, including executive and team coaching and leadership training. Mohan was a staff consultant at CRE for 12 years and continues a relationship with them.

In the last two decades, Mohan has worked with more than 150 nonprofits of every size in NYC and beyond, including groups providing critical services, advocating for change, and strengthening neighborhoods. He has consulted to coalitions and campaigns, centers for public policy, community foundations, and social and creative entrepreneurs.

In his consulting and coaching work, Mohan offers a deep knowledge of social and organizational issues, an understanding of how change happens for individuals and groups, and an awareness of the transformational power of alignment with vision. As a coach, Mohan is passionate about helping people connect to a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work, realize their talents, and change individual and team behaviors that are obstacles to success. Mohan is an experienced trainer on leadership and management topics, with equal facility in working with board and staff teams. Mohan has written and published about management issues in local and national journals.

Mohan is a certified professional Co-Active coach. Mohan’s board tenures include the Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia and Political Research Associates, Boston.

When he’s not consulting or coaching nonprofit leaders, Mohan spends his time reading and writing, and occasionally publishing an essay or short story.

Mohan lives in Brooklyn, NY.