Sarah Cloud, Technology & Database Consultant

“Growing up in a middle class Ohio suburb, I always knew that I didn’t quite gel with the Norman Rockwell type experience I was supposed to live and love. I was fortunate to have a grandmother who was also deeply troubled by the status quo and from a young age she counseled and encouraged me to think about a better world. She also encouraged me to live the life I was meant to live and be proud of who I am. This led to me having a strong sense of not only myself but of justice for all people.”

Having spent over a decade working in the development field, Sarah has found her passion. She recognizes that funds are vital to social justice work and loves working with organizations to build a better development foundation. She has experience with grantwriting, developing robust major and individual giving programs including planned giving, creating events that build not only funds but awareness, and implementing earned income opportunities. Her favorite part of development work is to think outside the box and bring creativity to the work. Sarah is also a numbers person who can work with clients to build realistic budgets designed for growth.

Sarah lives in Portland, Oregon.