Susan Mooney: Consultant

“I was politicized in the movement to end violence against women, and through that movement developed a complex analysis on the intersections of power, socialization and the many manifestations of oppression. Feminists opened me up to understanding my own life through a gender analysis, women of color in our movement woke me up to my responsibility to fight for racial justice.”

I worked in rape crisis during a period when rape crisis centers and coalitions were grappling with how to effectively meld strategies for social change with social services, learning nonprofit management skills in that context was a powerful gift. My own experience and working closely with many allied organizations cemented my understanding of nonprofit management and organizational development skills as a valuable contribution to social change.

Bridging Theory and Practice, I have over 25 years experience working with small and medium size NonProfits with missions focused on issues of equity, justice and rights. For over 10 years I applied my skills and commitment to social change primarily to working with progressive organizations in transition. The rewards and challenges of that work are equally immeasurable; including the opportunity to work on a broad range of social justice issues in organizations using very diverse strategies. Through this experience I developed tremendous instincts and deep skills in leveraging an organizations’ assets; I excel at working with people and organization going through change.

My professional path demonstrates the efficacy of learning by doing; early training in analyzing issues and dynamics through a social context combined with an innate strength for connecting the dots between vast amounts of data are the platform I stand on.

My consulting practice is a manifestation of my commitment to making meaningful contributions to groups and organizations with missions focused on meeting the needs of marginalized communities and working for social justice.

Susan currently resides in Northern California.