Our Consultants

Take a look through the folks that are ready to co-create solutions that encompass grounded perspectives on resilience, relationships, and resistance informed by decades of professional and lived experience in the social justice world.

Our consultants are able to deeply engage with our clients in order to provide custom capacity building solutions through a framework that fits each organization’s needs — all while directly fostering social and racial justice. And oftentimes, the work our consultants do for our clients aligns with their own personal movement building. We think big picture.

photo of Aaron Goggans, a black man with short dreadlocks, in a blue blazer, white collared shirt, glasses, and smiling
Aaron Goggans has over a decade of organizing, activism and transformation work guiding him in this work.  A decade of organizing has instilled in him the value of recognizing the… Read More »
“The term Social justice is not just a hip buzzword to me. Right out of college, when most grads are thinking about starting their careers, my life was about trying to keep my friends… Read More »
“As a young girl I was always listening to my elders and parents.  Fascinated by the stories i heard, I began to document my community through photography, prose and poetry.  It was… Read More »
“As a child of the only Jewish family growing up in a small town in rural upstate NY, I quickly learned the painful lessons of anti-Semitism, racism and exclusion. This laid the groundwork… Read More »
“When I was 11, I crossed the border without documents. At the crossing, my brother was put in the front seat of the car and my mom and I in the trunk. When I asked why, I was told, “your… Read More »
“I grew up an able-bodied, middle-class, queer transgender man of color in an immigrant family in a farming & factory town in rural Illinois during the region’s transformation… Read More »
“I will never forget, as anyone wouldn’t, waking up on 9/11 to the horrific news that couldn’t be ignored. After the news sunk in, I then remembered being afraid to step foot outside… Read More »
“My justice work began with a powerful group of women in the South Bronx, who were fed up with the poor education their children were receiving and decided to organize and fight for justiceRead More »
Growing up as a mixed- race, trans person in the South, I knew I was different from my (mostly white) neighbors, but I didn’t always have the language for it.  When 9/11 happened, I felt… Read More »

RoadMap consultants work together to offer a wide range of tailored and integrated services including strategic planning, financial management, strategic communications, board development, fundraising, human resources/staff development and leadership transition. Read more about our services. We also work together to further our own learning and to share these lessons to advance the social justice sector.