Our Consultants

Take a look through the folks that are ready to co-create solutions that encompass grounded perspectives on resilience, relationships, and resistance informed by decades of professional and lived experience in the social justice world.

Our consultants are able to deeply engage with our clients in order to provide custom capacity building solutions through a framework that fits each organization’s needs — all while directly fostering social and racial justice. And oftentimes, the work our consultants do for our clients aligns with their own personal movement building. We think big picture.

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“I sat upstairs in my aunt’s bedroom escaping into her copy of Angela Davis’s autobiography. In the kitchen below my mom and aunt discussed what to do with me. After… Read More »
Elisabeth E Garrett (Lisa) is a leadership consultant and coach with 15+ years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Lisa started gMoxie consulting and coaching… Read More »
“Where I went to elementary school, physical fights were a daily reality with little teacher intervention – we ‘underprivileged’ kids were on our own. At the same time, in another Read More »
“I grew up as a jewish girl in lower Manhattan where my Dad had a neighborhood candy store. I saw the neighborhood gentrify and become the East Village and I became acutely aware of class… Read More »
“I remember being about 14 years old, forgetting my keys, and having to go for the first time to the factory where my mother worked as a seamstress. When I opened the door, I felt as though… Read More »
“When I was in elementary school, my mother sat me and my older sister down to watch the miniseries adaptation of Alex Haley’s ‘ROOTS’. Thus began the learning that would change me forever;… Read More »
I’m an HR consultant with a passion for racial justice. A Certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources) through HRCI with over 20 years of nonprofit experience across the full… Read More »

RoadMap consultants work together to offer a wide range of tailored and integrated services including strategic planning, financial management, strategic communications, board development, fundraising, human resources/staff development and leadership transition. Read more about our services. We also work together to further our own learning and to share these lessons to advance the social justice sector.