Leadership Transition Planning

Leadership Transition Planning By Elsa Ríos ER: Leadership transition planning (LTP) is the process by which an organization and its stakeholders prepare and manage a change in its leadership. Unlike a traditional executive search process, LTP is much more comprehensive, ensuring that a wide range of stakeholders is engaged and that the organization undergoes a […]


Advance Social Change Through Networks

In this Nonprofit Quarterly article, you’ll learn what networks are and how you can use them to advance social change. Check out A Network Way of Working: A Compilation of Considerations about Effectiveness in Networks.


Integrated Communications: Long-haul influence, not short-term spin

Integrated Communications: Long-haul influence, not short-term spin By Jen Soriano When I joined RoadMap as its first Strategic Communications Coordinator, I was excited to be part of a network of consultants home-grown from grassroots social justice groups. I was also excited to have the chance to bring communications down from its cosmic orbit to root […]


The Leadership in Leaving

This report examines different aspects of a transformational moment for the nonprofit sector by exploring how leaving and organization well is an often neglected aspect of a nonprofit leader’s role that is a key in understanding and successfully completing the exit process.


Nonprofit Communications Trends 2014

By: Nonprofit Market Guide This report summarizes survey data from more than 2,000 nonprofits, describing what is working (and not working) in their communications strategies.