Fair Game: A Strategy Guide for Racial Justice Communications in the Obama Era

By: The Praxis Project This workbook-style guide is designed to help racial justice advocates navigate new political waters. Through case studies, planning tools, and the latest research, Fair Game invites readers to explore proven strategies that offer promise for future success and to consider what we must do over the long term to regain lost […]


Transforming Our World: U.S. Grassroots Organizations and the Global Justice Movement

By Christine E. Selig, Ph.D. This study written for Grassroots for Global Justice explores how participating in global movements impacts local work in the US, using Grassroots for Global Justice organizations as case studies.


People’s Movement Assembly

This toolkit helps people interested using the People’s Movement Assembly model to help groups develop collective political agreements and positions.  The toolkit offers historical context for the model and tools to aid in using it well.  


The Color of Change: Interethnic Youth Leadership for the 21st Century

November 2010 By Manuel Pastor, Rhonda Ortiz, Jennifer Ito, Veronica Terriquez, Vanessa Carter, Jennifer Tran, and Teresa Cheng In The Color of Change: Interethnic Youth Leadership for the 21st Century, the authors suggest an approach that involves seeing youth as the progenitors of change and not simply the recipients of services. They argue that equipping […]


Connecting at the Crossroads: Alliance Building and Social Change in Tough Times

By: Manuel Pasteur, Jennifer Ito, and Rhonda Ortiz.  Comissioned by Public Interest Projects. In this report the authors explore the inner workings of  alliances and how to support them. The report focuses on independent base-building organizations that believe in building long-term connections across geographies, constituencies and issues as a key movement-building strategy. Based on a […]