Digital Security Cohort (September 2018)

6-Week Digital Security Technical Assistance Cohort for Social Justice and Electoral Organizations 

RoadMap is offering a 6-week Digital Security cohort series starting in August to help your organization stay on the path of good health and ARMOR up to prevent opposition attacks.

2-hour virtual meetings beginning Friday, September 7th at 10:30 am PT / 11:30 am MT / 12:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm ET, and every Friday thereafter. Total of 6-weeks.

Co-pay: $300 (for organizations with a foundation subsidizing Weathering the Storms services)

Fee: $1,000 (for organizations without a foundation subsidizing WTS services)

Deadline to apply: Thursday, August 30th 5:00 pm PT / 6:00pm MT / 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET

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Grassroots social justice movements against the Trump administration have built an unparalleled upsurge in national protest and political engagement. However, the organizations working on heated election campaigns in 2018 must learn from the opposition cyberattacks of 2016 and increase their cybersecurity.

Lack of cybersecurity played its part in previous years and is already impacting the 2018 election cycle. From the recent spoofed phishing emails asking for money from Senatorial candidate supporters to hacking attacks on campaign groups which drove Trump’s rise to power – such as “Project Veritas” the organization run by James O’Keefe & supported by Trump, has used dirty tricks, hacks, and highly edited undercover video to undermine both progressive political organizations and mainstream news outlets.

This Fall 2018 Digital Security cohort builds on the success of RoadMap’s past three digital security cohorts where we trained key staff in more than fifty organizations. The training team, Mike Tyner and Jonathan Stribling-Uss, bring to bear more than a decade of collective experience in progressive education, organizing, and technical digital security skills.

Mike Tyner is a digital security trainer with Constitutional Communications and teacher. For over ten years, Mr. Tyner has taught film, technology and African-American history at one of New York’s most successful alternative public high schools, Urban Academy Laboratory. Mr. Tyner also worked as a technology educator at Guttman Community College and through the non-profit, New York Performance Standards Consortium, he trained educators from over fifty schools in media and digital literacy.

Jonathan Stribling-Uss, Esq. is the director of Constitutional Communications ( and a Weathering The Storms RoadMap consultant. He has led training for hundreds of attorneys and law students on cybersecurity, professional ethics, international law, and attorney-client communications. He has also trained journalists, foundations, activists, and technologists from more then 40 countries. His work has been featured in The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal, The Indypendent, NY Magazine, and The New York Law Journal.

What former participants are saying about RoadMap/Constitutional Communication’s Digital Security Cohorts:

“This multi-part series was an opportunity to go beyond having a bird’s view of vulnerabilities, and dig deeper and learn the specifics on how to strengthen digital security in practical and understandable ways.” ~ Albert Buixade Farre, Business Manager, Biodiversity Funders Group

“Every session was relevant and well facilitated. Especially the clear action steps, the great context and the specific examples of digital security’s importance. It was great and very much worth my time.” ~ Mike Thorp, New Era Colorado

What groups are saying about Constitutional Communications:

“Constitutional Communications helped Palestine Legal tremendously. They are extremely knowledgeable about mass surveillance and recommended concrete steps we could take to protect our digital information and communications from different threat actors. They understand why this is particularly important for organizations that support and defend Palestinian human rights.”

– Angela Rashid-Campion, Manager, Development and Operations

For more information, email us at weathering[at]roadmapconsulting[dot]org.