Weathering the Storms: Digital Security in the Trump Era


ARMOR up with RoadMap’s Weathering the Storms.

Many organizations, alliances and movements for social transformation are anticipating challenging times ahead and have been sharing fears about wifi_2155305bsurveillance and attacks. While lots of things are uncertain at this moment, we are clear on one thing—the need to strengthen our practices, organizations, and people for what may lie ahead.

RoadMap recently hosted a webinar during which organizations learned about strategies and tools for shoring up their digital security during these uncertain times.  We’re grateful to presenters, Jonathan Stribling-Uss, Cynthia Oka, and Mary Ochs for sharing important information and helping participants take steps to improve their digital security practices.  Just one of many tools and resources shared was Jonathan’s Top 7 Digital Security Tools.  We encourage you to check it out.

RoadMap’s Weathering the Storms: Building Social Justice Resilience to Opposition Attacks program provides training, resources, and ongoing consulting support for social justice organizations to help them prepare for and protect against opposition attacks.  Contact us to learn more.