RoadMap has an eight-year track record of providing capacity building services including 200 engagements with more than 130 social justice organizations. Below are some testimonials from funders and past clients that received our services through either RoadMap or under the auspices of the Management Assistance Program (MAP). Click here for more information about FACT’s efforts to strengthen organizations.


“RoadMap is a unique capacity building program that has helped FACT’s social justice grantees for eight years and will continue to help many others for a long time.  I am so gratified to see it live on past us and encourage all foundations to dedicate some of their funds to building the capacity of their grantees.”

 Diane Feeney, French American Charitable Trust


“Working with RoadMap has been a joy, and their in-depth, customized services have already re-energized a number of our grantees.”

Ned Wight, Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock

“The RoadMAP team brings out excellence in social change organizations through deep listening, principled partnership and a heartfelt belief in the power and potential of the groups they support.”

 Taj James, Movement Strategy Center


“Working with RoadMap is like getting a free ticket to the organizational development candy store!  Their roster of consultants offers incredibly skilled movement superstars who bring decades of insights and experience in the social justice sector to help solve your organization’s unique problems.  RoadMap has helped SmartMeme take our organization to the next level and we are so grateful!”

 Patrick Reinsborough, smartMeme

“I do not possess the words to tell FACT how profoundly important this process is to our work, to our development, to our organizational sustainability, to our unleashing of potential, and to our personal well-being. It means everything to us at this point, and the entire organization here wants to thank you for having the insight, the forethought, and commitment to make this possible.”

 Gihan Perera, Miami Workers Center

“The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is pleased to be one of the early funders of RoadMap.   Mott has long supported capacity building for community organizing groups.  Those investments have resulted in larger, stronger, smarter organizations and networks throughout the country. RoadMap’s focus continuing to build capacity in these organizations  will help them achieve even greater impact.”

Christine Doby, C. S. Mott Foundation


“We are a statewide (c)(3-(c)(4) combination organization on a big growth curve and we didn’t have the systems or the policies to add staff, set up two boards, manage remote locations.  RoadMap helped us hire highly skilled staff, think through the structures to make sure our alliance partners, Board and staff all work in concert, and is coaching staff into new roles.  Our growth has been so much smoother with their help.”

Aparna Shah, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

“Our participation in RoadMap has given us the unique opportunity to take a critical look at our organization and identify the components we need to strengthen if we want to make Iowa more just, more democratic.  It’s also connected us with renowned experts in the field of organizational development that are helping us think bigger, approach challenges in new and creative ways, and build our power to ‘put people first’ and win transformational social change for everyday people.  No matter what issues we tackle now and in the future, RoadMap is helping us build a powerhouse organization.”

Hugh Espey, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement


“I can’t emphasize enough how essential the MAP program and others like it are for APEN.  These capacity building programs have really helped us build our organization, the effectiveness of our staff, and our ability to respond to the normal crises that arise in our work.  The balance of flexibility to meet short term demands and longer term projects with our consultants has been especially important to our ability to best utilize the program to meet our needs.  Thank you!”

 Roger Kim, Asian Pacific Environmental Network


“I would like to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to work with Alfreda Barringer. I had four phone consultations with Alfreda during which she helped me resolve several financial issues that I struggled with. Alfreda patiently answered all of my questions, even the ones that I now, after working with her, consider silly. I think it’s great that you provide your grantees with this kind of assistance. The reality is that people in the nonprofit world frequently lack concrete skills, such as accounting or bookkeeping, because we’re all drawn to the big idea rather than the ‘mundane’ aspects of our work.  Alfreda’s assistance allowed me to feel more comfortable with our finances. I consider it a solid step forward in my process of learning nonprofit financial management.”

 Barbara Obrzut, Center on Policy Initiatives

“On behalf of everyone here, thank you and FACT again for our past MAP funding to work with Elsa.  We feel so fortunate to work with her, and really value the process and the product from our strategic planning.  And we really appreciate the commitment  that FACT has shown to organizational capacity-building, especially given the rarity of that sort of funding for groups like ours.”

 Shelbie Knox, New Mexico Environmental Law Center


“The capacity-building work that FACT allows community groups to pursue is really very critical to organizing. Creating strong, well-managed organizations means that, collectively, we’re better positioned to win the kind of social change we’re working for. We’re deeply grateful to FACT for recognizing the importance of this capacity-building work, and for supporting it through the MAP project.”

Nikki Fortunato Bas, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

The following case studies illustrate the capacity building impact of our consulting work. These particular initiatives were conducted under the auspices of the Management Assistance Program (MAP) of the French American Charitable Trust.

ebase Connecting Components for a Highly Functioning Organization: EBASE


jwj Leadership Transition for Renewal and Growth: Jobs with Justice


MWC_Logo Sustainability, Potential and Well-Being: Miami Workers Center


mua Developing Strength During Growth: Mujeres Unidas y Activas