The New MHO is here!

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

RoadMap is pleased to announce Version 3.0 of the My Healthy Organization online assessment tool (MHO). New upgrades and improvements include

  • New URL and better navigation menus
  • Individual user accounts for setting up organizational surveys
  • A new Organization page for individual users to quickly see all of your surveys
  • Simplicity in inviting more participants
  • Additional survey sections in the MHO Social Change Assessment on Strategy to Win, Communications and Fundraising
  • Clearer choices for responses to questions
  • Quick view of reports
  • A supplementary CSV format for reports to help you analyze data and prepare special reports
  • A glossary of frequently used terms
  • Link to RoadMap’s newest companion online assessment tool, Our Healthy Alliance


You can no longer use MHO 2.0 to begin a new survey for your organization.


What should I do now if I am a current or prior user of MHO?

You can access your old surveys with support from RoadMap until December 15, 2015. Thereafter, you must pay a fee to access archives.

If you help with accessing archived surveys, contact Alfreda Barringer at alfreda[at]

If you are an Account Owner who wants the new version:

Visit the new MHO website to learn more and sign up for a new account. Signing up is free. Surveys can be purchased at any time.


We look forward to working with you to strengthen your organization.