Our Approach

Our approach to movement building is grounded in the values of liberation and social transformation which culminate in our political stance and commitment to anti-racism.

Movement leaders and organizations need and deserve support in every aspect of their work. That’s why liberatory consulting is the tool we use to transform the material conditions of our lives.

Through our extensive network, we’re able to take a “birds eye view”, which allows our consultants to tackle large scale challenges, map out the political landscape, and strengthen our collective ecosystems. Each member of our community brings hands-on experience in supporting movement organizations, building alliances, and persevering against the everyday internal and external challenges that social justice entities face — we are resilient.

Over the past 10 years, we have helped to strengthen the capacity and leadership of over 400 social justice organizations. Currently, we are engaged with over 78 organizations across almost every social justice movement. In practice, our work can look like creating long and short term plans to grow the power and effectiveness of the movement; or, reimagining safety to include protection against the threat and vulnerability of being attacked, remaining resolute and resilient in the face of adversity.

With our community, consultant, and funder cohorts, direct contact with organizations on the ground, assessment tools, and we’re always looking for collaborative ways to make movement-wide interventions and building synergies across emerging sectors.