Our Approach

RoadMap is a national network of seasoned capacity builders dedicated to supporting movement organizations, networks, alliances and leaders through the biggest, toughest, most exciting internal and external challenges. We believe that social justice organizations are critical to creating transformational change in our society. In order to achieve progressive change, organizations need and deserve attention to every aspect of their work. That can look like coming up with goals and plans to grow their power and movements. Or reimagining and practicing safety by knowing the ways that organizations can get attacked and how to protect our people and stay powerful. It can also look like intentionally creating a process that can develop the kinds of anti-racist leadership that has the soft and hard skills that social justice leaders and organizations need to have in this time.

On a political level, our approach to this work is grounded in our political stance, commitment to anti-racism, and values of liberation, transformation and justice. RoadMap is uniquely positioned to identify trends and patterns across the social movement ecosystem, and we seek to be an active thought partner with organizations and movement leaders to collectivize that analysis and determine what interventions can be made.

Over the past 10 years, RoadMap has helped strengthen the capacity and leadership of over 400 social justice organizations. At this moment we are engaged with over 78 organizations across almost every social justice moment. This provides RoadMap with a “birds eye view” as it relates to the larger scale challenges, opportunities, synergies and strategies that are emerging across the sector. As people use our assessment tools and through the work of case studies in learning labs amongst our consultant network, RoadMap is able to get a picture of the landscape across organizations, sectors, and movements in hopes of finding appropriate and collaborative ways to collectivize learnings, share findings, and work together to make movement-wide interventions to strengthen our ecosystem.

USSF smallIn our day-to-day work, we provide organizations and leaders with multiple options of highly skilled consultants – through direct contracts with organizations or within funder-resourced cohorts. Our Weathering the Storms program works with organizations to be prepared for rapid response to moments of crisis or attack as well as proactive planning to ensure organizations can continue to take the bold actions we need to transform the conditions of our lives.