What Makes RoadMap Different?

RoadMap is a different kind of capacity building shop. We provide capacity building support to justice movements that are tailored to the specific needs of organizations engaged in the work of making the world a more just place.  In fact, this is why we don’t believe that capacity building is “neutral” — it’s actually a critical part of building strong and powerful movements in partnership with our clients.

Here are some of the ways we show up differently:

  • We don’t approach our work in a transactional way.  That means we work intentionally to build capacity for movements, organizations and leaders while diligently assessing their needs to ensure that the work we do together resolves a range of organizational issues and sore spots over time.
  • Our approach is driven by our commitment to racial, gender, disability, economic, immigrant and worker justice. We do not believe that capacity building is a neutral process. At RoadMap, we are committed to directly addressing issues of power, privilege and oppression in the context of the work that we do with our clients.
  • We have a base of committed clients we’ve served over the course of many years.  Our goal is to build long lasting relationships that allow our clients to strengthen their work and their organizations over time.
  • We are working towards creating communities of practice among our extensive network of consultants. We are learning together in ways that allow us to work with our clients in the most innovative, integrative and values driven ways possible.

  • RoadMap works to be a trusted and accountable partner for all of our co-conspirators.  We want our clients to bring their hardest challenges, biggest opportunities and most generative questions our way. We are here to co-conspire and co-create with you for the long haul.


RoadMap is a full service capacity and movement building network that is dedicated to providing holistic services to movements for liberation and justice. Check out our extensive menu of services.