What Makes RoadMap Different?

Anti-Racist Capacity Building

RoadMap has learned through years of working with hundreds of clients across the U.S. that one of the most powerful movement interventions we can make is to bring a racial justice lens into all the capacity building work that we do. For RoadMap, racial justice is not a separate “issue.” Dynamics of race, power and privilege; the ways they have been constructed historically, and how they manifest in our practices and relationships are embedded within every aspect of our organizations. Whether we’re doing communications, board development, strategic planning, grassroots fundraising, or campaign development we need a racial justice lens. That’s why My Healthy Organization, the only comprehensive online assessment tool of its kind, incorporates questions on racial justice in every organizational dimension. That’s why we do Anti-Racist Capacity Building, designed to address and shift power imbalances on the interpersonal, institutional and systemic levels. Organizations need long term interventions, not merely trainings, to undo white supremacy. RoadMap takes a holistic approach that aims to shift organizational practices, structures, and relationships toward an accountable and actively anti-racist stance.


A Culture of Collaboration

Building partnerships with our clients as well as collaborative consulting teams is essential to our work at RoadMap.  A majority of our consultants are rooted in and come out of social movements. What we strive for, as a result, is building the most trusting and authentic relationships with our clients as possible.

While we know that some organizations may not be able to afford more than one consultant, RoadMap is a place where consultants working across issues, identities, movements and skill sets come together to support one another and hold one another accountable. We are a community of consultants invested in the success of movements, leaders and one another as practitioners.

DSCF1398We work to ensure that our teams of consultants are diverse along the lines of race, age, socio-economic status, gender, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status, disability, language access and  more.

Assessments for Ourselves & the Movement

We provide assessment tools to support our capacity builders and clients to be informed and clear on what interventions will best support the organization or alliance and its leaders in the short and long-term. We believe that the people best positioned to give that assessment are intimately involved in the day-to-day work inside the organization: member-leaders, staff, executive leadership, and governance/advisory bodies. RoadMap consultants are highly-skilled facilitators who help synthesize assessment results and offer grounded interventions.

Workers RightsA Relational Approach For the Right Fit

Our process is based on a tailor-made and relational approach. We start with an intake to get a deeper sense of what the client needs, we match the client to the consultant(s) that best meet their needs, and then we tailor our services to the client’s needs. With a network of over 80 skilled and seasoned capacity builders with deep experience within social justice work and who bring a range of expertise to the table, we are committed to working together with our clients to find the individual or team that is the right fit for your organization.