Mission and Values

Here is our mission: To strengthen social justice organizations through capacity building, peer learning, and field building.

phpRoyVW5PM resizeOur unique approach to capacity building puts social justice values into practice by:

  • Developing transparent and democratic institutions grounded in human rights and anti-oppression principles.
  • Supporting the development of innovative, principled, inclusive and high-impact organizations, alliances, and movements to make long-term change.
  • Fostering the leadership of individuals with lived experiences, fully embracing their insight and depth of knowledge to think systematically and generationally.
  • Promoting healthy, sustainable organizational practices including building leadership at all levels.
  • Embracing a spirit of experimentation, risk-taking and innovation, necessary to creating a new and better world.
  • Maintaining high standards of accountability to the organizations we work with and the constituents and/or communities they serve.
  • Actively nurturing the mind, body and spirit as a way of sustaining healthy individuals, organizations and movements.

We envision a social justice sector made up of groups that have the power to have a transformative impact upon our society.


We work toward this vision by offering services that are grounded in how we understand movement building in partnership with our clients. Here are our offerings:

  • Organizational Development and Assessment
  • Movement Building Strategy
  • Human Resources with a Racial Justice & Equity Lens
  • Fund Development
  • Strategic Communications
  • Digital Security
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Coaching and Team Building
  • Education and Training… and more

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