Our Impact

We’re multifaceted in the way we support our community. That’s why our impact lies in creating holistic new relationships for our full range of co-conspirators in movement building. 

Our capacity building work aligns with organizations ready to answer big questions on the intersecting issues of white nationalism, insurrection, economic injustice, healthcare, and climate change. Keep reading to see how. 

*Note: The percentages below are rounded, used for representation purposes and are subject to change over time.*

We are clear that the needs of movement organizations and frontline leaders continue to evolve—sometimes in uncharted and new ways.

And, as the movements we’re committed to flanking grapple with their most challenging and transformative questions, we bring focus to how our capacity-building approaches and strategies can evolve right alongside these movements.

Here’s what we hear our ecosystem saying about our work.

We have a long history of supporting movements by tailoring our approaches to the direct needs of clients working on the front lines everyday. As a result, our muscle is well exercised around meeting clients in that emergent space where we co-create the pathways forward to effectively build localized political power.

We’ve been spending increased time with new and existing clients at the “intake” stage of their capacity-building journeys so that we have an even clearer understanding of the range of issues organizations and leaders with upcoming projects are facing. We are asking more and clearer questions about our clients’ intersecting political and organizational issues. This deeper and more intentional dive at the beginning of their capacity-building projects, helps us to truly assess their needs and match them with truly holistic services and consultants.

We’ve been further centering racial justice in every aspect of the capacity-building work we do by engaging our consultants and clients in the deeper political education programming that we have been developing over the past several years. For example, at the height of the pandemic, RoadMap worked with key partners to co-create a new series of strategy sessions for consultants and clients focused on human resources and racial justice as organizations and leaders struggled with how to adapt to a virtual work and organizing environment.

Throughout the course of this year and the last, we are finding new ways to create even more spaces for our consultants to learn together, share what is working and what is not and create new tools. We are also incubating new opportunities for consultants and clients to do the same. Our goal is to create a culture within RoadMap that allows for communities of practice to thrive and grow in ways that truly support the movements we love.

Our team will continue leaning into our work with curiosity and intense passion as we think about how we approach our work and how our community and other progressive capacity builders are making fruitful progress toward creating critical shifts in our world.