RoadMap’s Political Stance

The purpose of this document: We are building clarity in, the embodiment of, and the ability to wield a political stance.

RoadMap: Strengthening Organizations, Advancing Social Justice

RoadMap stands on the side of poor and working people. We are committed to a vibrant and inclusive democracy that upholds the economic, political, civil, and human rights of all people. We envision a social justice sector with the power to have a transformative impact upon our society.

We seek to orient resources and support around social movement activity that centers racial, gender, disability, economic, and environmental justice, and all those who have been targeted, oppressed and dispossessed by the economic and political system of the US and by global exploitative systems. We stand with the individuals, families, communities, organizations and alliances on the frontlines of resistance who each day show that a society built on justice, cooperation and sustainability is possible.

We believe that addressing social problems requires social movements, and we support social movement organizations to thrive. We believe in challenging unjust systems of power. Our society has grown and benefitted from the courage, creativity and persistence of those most oppressed who offer the most transformational solutions and inspiring leadership.

RoadMap has a commitment to:

  • Racial justice (see RJ principles and practice statement) and within that, a specific commitment to challenging anti-black racism.
  • Work with and support groups that are thinking and acting systemically – to transform economic, political and social systems and not only address their symptoms.
  • Work with and support groups who are led by and made up of directly impacted people and who are developing leadership among directly impacted people.

RoadMap is not neutral. We seek strong alignment with our clients and funders around our racial, gender, disability, economic, and environmental justice values. We articulate this stance with the recognition that RoadMap might not be the right fit for every organization or initiative. We believe that the best work happens in situations of intentional alignment.

We seek to ensure that our consulting network and the groups and funders that we work with are aware of our stance. It helps us prioritize and we hope it will encourage thought leaders and funders to critically assess their practice and where they stand.