Racial Justice Action Team

RJAT work so far:


The Racial Justice Action Team is a think/action tank that examines, implements and innovates RoadMap’s racial justice praxis. We enable the network to practice through a racial justice lens both internally and as well as through the work that we do to support social movements.

Origins of the RJAT:

The Racial Justice Action Team (RJAT) began with an awareness of the need for the RoadMap network to strengthen its confidence, courage, and collective ability to fully integrate issues of racial justice into our work. The team was created in August 2015 with the participation of the director and another member of the Operations Team as well as five RoadMap consultants in a multi-racial but majority people of color formation.

RM Racial Justice Priorities:


  • Create shared analysis and commitment about racial justice throughout the RoadMap network
  • Ensure that the composition of our consultant network is majority people of color and that client assignments are racially equitable
  • Expand our distributed leadership and prioritize people of color for senior leadership positions
  • Ensure that our policies, practices, and systems are aligned with our racial justice stance
  • Build skills through shared training, peer learning and retreats



  • Communicate our racial justice stance broadly to clients and funders
  • Center a racial justice approach in client intake and at all stages of client engagement
  • Surface racial justice and apply frameworks and tools skillfully to support movement organizations
  • Agitate progressive organizations, funders, and thought leaders to center racial justice in all that they do


Timeline of racial justice action in RoadMap

June 2015: Network-wide racial justice survey

July 2015: Network retreat where the need for racial justice focus was surfaced

August 2015: Formation of the Racial Justice Action Team

February +March 2016: Network racial justice peer learning session facilitated by RJAT

May 2017: Racial Justice Action Team analysis and skill building retreat

July 2017: Senior leadership position with racial justice focus created in RoadMap


What’s next:

In 2018 the Racial Justice Action Team will be expanding to include more network members. We’ll be supporting the implementation of peer accountability and feedback processes on the multi-racial RoadMap Operations Team and other updates to our systems, structures and practices. We’ll ensure that key RoadMap teams are undergoing Black-led racial justice training to build their skills and analysis. We’ll host a network-wide conversation on applying a racial justice lens to our practice as consultants. We’ll ask every network member to commit to alignment with our racial justice values and principles.

Read RoadMap’s Statement of Commitment to Racial Justice