About Us

RoadMap is a people of color-led community of practice that exists in service to leaders, organizations, and movements. Through a liberatory consulting strategy, we transform the material conditions of our lives.

From race, power, and privilege work to strategic planning and leadership coaching, we exist to combine our extensive on-the-ground experience in service to each of our client’s needs.

Our national network of nearly 100 seasoned capacity builders is unified by the empowering belief that social justice organizations are critical to creating transformational change in our society. In order to realize this change, we support leaders and organizations dedicated to social justice around every aspect of their work. 

Our ideal client understands that there is always room to grow, is open to co-creation, and allows us to be experts at what we do. They value authentic, vulnerable relationships and being held accountable in our fight toward equity and liberation for all.


Here’s our current Operations Team:


  • Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz, Director
  • Stephanie Rodriguez, Director of Program Services
  • Bev Tang, Project Coordinator, Weathering the Storms
  • Rakita Lillard-Brown, Associate Director of Operations & Client Services
  • Mala Nagarajan, Human Resources



Here is a bit of our origin story:

In 2012, Elsa A. Ríos and Emily Goldfarb founded RoadMap Consulting to continue the successful work of the Management Assistance Program (MAP) of the French American Charitable Trust (FACT). 

Over the course of its initial 7 years, MAP conducted more than 90 capacity building engagements with social justice organizations while consistently receiving highly favorable evaluation ratings. RoadMap builds on the legacy of MAP and has now conducted over 400 capacity-building engagements through high-impact, relevant, and deeply integrated consulting services

We fill a broader need in the social justice sector  by providing support ranging from organizational assessment to digital security and financial planning — all applied through a framework aimed at building democratic institutions and practices.

We invite you to get to know RoadMap by meeting our consultants, learning about our programs and services, viewing a list of our clients and funders, and reading client testimonials and case studies.

Interested in finding out more?  Request services or contact us for more information.