Our Clients

Our clients come to us fully vulnerable and transparent because they know it’s a key factor in creating real institutional change. 

That’s why we focus on being intentional in cultivating our community of practice and tailor matching our clients with our expert consultants. Are you thinking of becoming a RoadMap client? Here are a few key notes to take in:

  • We are interviewing you just as you are interviewing us. We are comrades. Working together to enact change is a process that should be mutually beneficial.
  • Have you done the pre-work of intentionally thinking about your needs? Come to us with a seed of ideas and numbers in mind.
  • Our work together must create a positive impact for the community. We don’t capacity-build for capacity building’s sake. 
  • Come to us open to stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a look at our Theory of Change. Where do we align? Where is there discomfort?

Matching: We take the matching process very seriously. We understand that your needs are nuanced and want to ensure the consultant we pair you with will be able to co-create solutions to your problems while also being enriched by the work they complete. Matching is and in-depth process that involves some intuition, too. 

Boundaries: In order to maintain our integrity in movement building, we have drawn clear lines against working with organizations who operate from a white supremacist lens.

Our Ideal Client: We love to work with clients who are open to brainstorming and enacting new ways to meet their needs. Have you thought about ‘the why‘ of our work together? Are you ready to grow beyond stagnant frameworks and complexes?  If so, Request a service here!


Some Current and Past Clients:

At RoadMap Consulting, we have had the privilege of working with many incredible social justice organizations across the country. Our clients inspire us with their tireless dedication to building a more just world.

Below are a few of our clients and examples of how we have collaborated with them:

West Coast:

  • Client Highlight— LA Black Worker Center

Mission: Our mission at the Los Angeles Black Worker Center (LABWC) is to increase access to quality jobs, reduce employment discrimination, and improve industries that employ Black workers through action and unionization.

Project: Expansion of Regional Hub for Southern California Black Worker Center, strategic planning and facilitation of steering committee. Led by Rebecca Johnson

Project: HR Support in transition from fiscally sponsored project to 501c3 organization, led by Whitney Herrington


  • Client Highlight— SouthWest Organizing Project

Mission: The SouthWest Organizing Project was founded in 1980 by young activists of color to empower our communities in the SouthWest to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice. We seek to redefine power relationships by bringing together the collective action, talents, and resources of the people within our communities. We work primarily in low-income communities of color to gain community control of our land and resources.

Project: Organization Wide Development support including Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching and team building. Led by Bill Gallegos

Project: Financial Management and Planning, and Sustainability and Infrastructure support. Led by Alfreda Barringer


  • Client Highlight—  Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative
Mission: the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative for Economic and Social Justice (SRBWI) is a network of over 2,500 women and young women across the Black Belt of Alabama and Georgia, and the Delta in Mississippi. SRBWI works alongside women and young women across this 77 county region – counties designated as “persistently poor” by the United States Department of Agriculture. SRBWI provides organization, training, staffing, activities, and opportunities to further nourish local leadership capacities; engage in advocacy and public policy agendas; develop asset-based economic development models to lift women out of poverty; and connect with other groups committed to gender and human rights, economic and social justice.
Project: Organization Assessment and Facilitation to build consensus on transformative change. Led by Brigette Rouson

East Coast:

  • Client Highlight— Communities for Just Schools Fund

Mission: Communities for Just Schools Fund is a national collaborative that links philanthropy with the power of grassroots organizing to transform schools. CJSF was started in 2010 by individuals in philanthropy who understood that, in the ecosystem of education justice, grassroots organizers are the least resourced and the most impactful. We are part of an arc that began with Black parents in Mississippi demanding change in their schools. Their children were being pushed out of school, disproportionately disciplined, and arrested for reasons that defied explanation except as symptoms of a pervasive system of racial hierarchy. A movement was born to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Project: Leadership Transition process with search, hire, and onboarding support. Led by Nijmie Dzurinko, support by Candice Cason


  • Client Highlight— GSA Network

Mission: GSA Network is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities.

Project: Theory of Change development and implementation for Youth Organizing team. Collaboratively develop Core Strategies for National, along with clarity and alignment on vision and goals. Support culture change and team building. Led by Nico Aguilar-Shank