Our Clients

Our clients come to us fully vulnerable and transparent because they know it’s a key factor in creating real institutional change. 

That’s why we focus on being intentional in cultivating our community of practice and tailor matching our clients with our expert consultants. Are you thinking of becoming a RoadMap client? Here are a few key notes to take in:

  • We are interviewing you just as you are interviewing us. We are comrades. Working together to enact change is a process that should be mutually beneficial.
  • Have you done the pre-work of intentionally thinking about your needs? Come to us with a seed of ideas and numbers in mind.
  • Our work together must create a positive impact for the community. We don’t capacity-build for capacity building’s sake. 
  • Come to us open to stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a look at our Theory of Change. Where do we align? Where is there discomfort?

MATCHING: We take the matching process very seriously. We understand that your needs are nuanced and want to ensure the consultant we pair you with will be able to co-create solutions to your problems while also being enriched by the work they complete. Matching is and in-depth process that involves some intuition, too. 

BOUNDARIES: In order to maintain our integrity in movement building, we have drawn clear lines against working with organizations who operate from a white supremacist lens.


OUR IDEAL CLIENT: We love to work with clients who are open to brainstorming and enacting new ways to meet their needs. Have you thought about ‘the why‘ of our work together? Are you ready to grow beyond stagnant frameworks and complexes?  If so, Request a service here!