Nijmie Dzurinko: Strategic Communications Consultant

“I remember at around the age of five asking myself the question, ‘what happened’? What happened to my grandparents (who were raising me) to make them so full of stress and strain?  What happened to my family, battered and struggling to survive?  I knew it had to be something major, and I knew that I wanted to change it.  I came to this work out of the need to get to the root causes of the forces swirling around us like a storm as our umbrella turned inside out.  As I grew up and gained a greater understanding the causes I realized the part that I could play in creating solutions.”

Nijmie Dzurinko brings her hard earned and time tested skills in organizing, strategy, leadership development, and communications to the service of local, regional, and national organizations, networks, and campaigns.  Nijmie is a founder of Put People First! PA, a statewide grassroots multi-issue base building organization uniting people across traditional divides in Pennsylvania. She is obsessed with building a new organizing model for the 21st century that combines base building, study and narrative. Nijmie is a co-founder of the Media Mobilizing Project and a former Executive Director of the Philadelphia Student Union.

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