Lennette Abad

“Going to a primarily white college after growing up in a majority black city was a rude awakening for my psyche. The aggressions ranged from micro to macro, grounding me in the understanding that I was going to have to
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Emily White Hodge

I’m an HR consultant with a passion for racial justice. A Certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources) through HRCI with over 20 years of nonprofit experience across the full spectrum of HR and People Operations functions, I specialize in working
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Mia Henry: Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

I was born and raised in the U.S. Deep South. I come from a people who were entrepreneurs, Black church leaders, NAACP + SCLC members, mass meeting attendees, HBCU graduates, sharecroppers, and, five generations ago, enslaved people. I grew up
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