Funder FAQ

Q: We are interested in developing a capacity building initiative for our grantee organizations. How can RoadMap help?
A: RoadMap can customize a capacity building program to meet your needs:
  • We offer funders the ability to provide in-depth capacity building services to their grantees without the high cost and staffing time required to develop an in-house program.


  • We help each funder to design a one-stop capacity building program tailored to meet grantee needs. Our program includes conducting organizational assessments, full-scale implementation of capacity building services, vetting and matching consultants to grantees and conducting quality assurance and evaluation.


  • Our assessment tools, My Healthy Organization, and Our Healthy Alliance, provide an overall picture of performance, enabling RoadMap to develop a customized capacity building program to address the organization, alliance, or cohort’s needs.


  • We provide value-added services, such as ongoing e-learning activities to continually build grantee capacity.


  • Our field building approach promotes regular peer-to-peer learning exchanges among social justice groups, thereby providing greater return on investment.


Download our RoadMap PowerPoint, specifically designed for funders.

Download RoadMap’s brochure to learn more.

For more information, contact RoadMap Director Emily Goldfarb.