imi rashid

imi rashid is a queer Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant. She is a certified public accountant based in Takoma Park, Maryland after living in Chicago, IIllinois for 25 years. During her time in Chicago, imi started off her career in the corporate sector but felt the need to shift her work priorities to be more values aligned with her identity. After more than a decade in the corporate sector, she left in 2008 to start her own business, dedicated to providing accounting and tax services to individuals, non-profit and grassroots organizations.

Since then, imi has worked with small to mid-size non profit organizations across the united states with budgets ranging from $50K to $5M, providing varying degrees of Finance and Accounting support with a social justice lens. She has worked with organizations in various movement building sectors including reproductive health, rights and justice, youth leadership, environmental justice, racial justice, AIDS advocacy and LGBTQ rights, among others.