Tara Shuai Ellison

I fell into the world of human resources by accident, hired in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant at a youth-led, intersectional gender justice foundation (hey Third Wave Fund!) after a decade of holding low wage service and pink collar jobs. At Third Wave, I was responsible for operations, finance and HR, and having the opportunity to learn at an organization that reflected my values, I was able to create purpose-driven, human-centered, and care-centric systems, policies, and practices. I’d had enough crappy jobs to know that given the opportunity, I wanted to do something different, and discovered that I love helping movement organizations and the people powering them to thrive.


Since that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the progressive movement’s most innovative, rapidly-growing nonprofits and foundations, including the Groundswell Fund, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Fair Care Labs, and the National LGBTQ Task Force. I love HR & Ops nerdery, and with some brilliant colleagues at NDWA, I co-founded Rad Ops, a Facebook group for HR, Operations, and Finance professionals in progressive and radical nonprofits. I also serve as a board member of the Highlander Research and Education Center and have served as a board member of the Audre Lorde Project, NOLOSE, and as an organizer of the Big Fat Flea.


In 2022, I launched my consulting practice because I wanted to work with more organizations and have a broader impact, and experiment with pushing the boundaries of traditional HR even further. I wanted to dive deep and work to find both/and solutions to either/or problems by exploring innovations and experiments in the radical HR space.


I’m also a work to live type of person, so when I’m not at my computer, you can find me living for food adventures, building queer, BIPOC & AAPI community, traveling to places I’ve never been, and going to the dog beach with my pug Truffle.