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Shifting Power from the Inside Out

Shifting Power from the Inside Out shares one organization’s journey towards:

  • Increasing representation of community members amongst leadership and staff.
  • Developing specific internal practices to ensure that immigrant women are encouraged to step up — and that US born women take a back seat — in organizational leadership.
  • Encouraging frank discussions about race, class and power.
  • Ending practices of white supremacy that limit the leadership of people of color.
  • Shifting towards a model of collaboration and authentic shared leadership.

The report, produced collaboratively by Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) and RoadMap, offers a new framework for community-based organizations on the evolution from member-based to member-led organizational structure, culture and practice.

At a time when political leaders in the U.S. are using rhetoric and policy to terrorize and silence immigrant communities, Shifting Power demonstrates how we can back immigrant women as the leaders our movements need.

Once Shifting Power is released, you will be able to find it here and on MUA’s website,

Visit MUA’s website to learn more about their work:

For more information, contact:
Jess St. Louis — jess [at]
Erika Estrada — erika[at]

Below you will find a powerful interview with Juana Flores, MUA’s executive director, on the report and the Futuro Fuerte project and a video series on the impact of the the Futuro Fuerte program, that Shifting Power from the Inside Out highlights.

Shifting Power from the Inside Out: 10 Questions for Juana Flores

Cambiando el Poder Desde Adentro: 10 Preguntas para Juana Flores

Download “Shifting Power From the Inside Out - Executive Summary (English).pdf”

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Download “Shifting Power from the Inside Out - Full Report (English).pdf”

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Download “RoadMap & MUA "Cambiando el Poder Desde Adentro"-Spanish-Full_Report-DIGITAL-1.pdf”

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Download “RoadMap & MUA "Cambiando el Poder Desde Adentro" Spanish Executive Summary-DIGITAL.pdf”

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