RoadMap and reparationWorks in collaboration

Over the last several years, RoadMap…

has been sharpening its focus on transformational systems change, racial justice, and working to strengthen its ecosystem of consultants and their clients as a community of practice. RoadMap has also been exploring how that work is intended to fuel its evolution as a resource for nurturing social movements and social change in our rapidly changing social, political, and economic terrain.


Meanwhile reparationWorks…

is a laboratory for developing, supporting, and advancing effective and accountable reparative action. They are driven by knowing that Reparations keeps a  persistent focus on cultivating healing and repair, humanification, and community thriving. repWorks ensures that as a think/do tank, they include all of the domains in which that healing and repair is needed –

  1. at the spiritual level:  addressing embodied trauma, cultivating mindful awareness, and sense of a meaningful connection to elements beyond the self;  
  2. at the relational level: interpersonal, intersubjective, organizational and community
  3. at the level of resources: money, land and anything of value that can be shared or hoarded


Together, RoadMap and repWorks share the same goals of…

  • baking values and vision into concrete everyday tools and practices 
  • engaging the whole ecosystem as a community of practice, learning, sharing, and creating together
  • focusing on racial justice,  especially disrupting anti-Black racism


And some of the questions that keep us awake are…

  • Within a capitalist system, what’s the business/sustainability model for a reparationist consultant or consulting firm?
  • What do we know about effective methods for building the capacity of white leaders and white-led organizations to do meaningful and accountable reparations work in all three of the domains of repair?
  • What do we know about how to support Black and Indigenous leaders and organizations and communities to make the most of reparative opportunities, such as formulating and advancing demands, making the most of the followership of white co-conspirators, and resisting the tendency for the people holding resources to set the agenda?


As a movement, we want to answer these questions for ourselves and join others in developing, and sharing answers as well as gathering more questions.


Therefore, our call to action is…

Watch this space for upcoming events and opportunities to lend your perspective on how we can continue building frameworks that lead to sustainable social change. As a community of practice that is committed to justice, we know that this work is only possible once we come together in solitude and engage in these conversations.