Angelica Maria Otero: Consultant and LMSW

“Growing up in Ecuador I saw both, extreme poverty and wealth first hand. I witnessed young children having to work, the abuse of domestic workers and the excess and greed of wealth. The vivid images of these contradictions and injustices never left my mind. My justice work began with a powerful group of women in the South Bronx, who were fed up with the poor education their children were receiving and decided to organize and fight for justice in education. These women taught me about collectivity, to raise my voice and of the power of justice and healing in community organizing.”

Angélica has 20 years of experience in the field of social justice, as a founding and executive director, organizing trainer, professor, coach and a long time community organizer of several justice organizations in the United States and Ecuador. Her work includes supporting grassroots organizations to build strong memberships, develop leadership and create campaigns that support groups to win concrete changes in their communities. She has experience in organizational change, strategic planning, management and supervision systems, and building strong coalitions and collaborations. She is fully bilingual and bicultural and has worked in Spanish-only professional settings in the US and Latin America.

Angélica’s work includes generative conflict resolution in organizations between staff, management, board and members. Her methodology of coaching and training includes healing from trauma and oppression thru a somatic approach, weaving in an analysis of race, class and gender.

Angélica is the proud mother of a very spunky 2 year old and lives in New York City.

Consulting clients include Southeast Immigrant Rights Network, Nobody Leaves Mid Hudson, Teachers Unite, NYU Metro Center, North Star Fund, and the Center for Community Leadership.