Angelica Maria Otero: Consultant and LMSW

“Growing up in Ecuador I saw both, extreme poverty and wealth first hand. I witnessed young children having to work, the abuse of domestic workers and the excess and greed of wealth.   The vivid images of these contradictions and injustices never left my mind.  My justice work began with a powerful group of women in the South Bronx, who were fed up with the poor education their children were receiving and decided to organize and fight for justice in education.  These women taught me about collectivity, to raise my voice and of the power of justice and healing in community organizing.”

Angélica has 15 years of experience in the field of social justice, both as a clinical social worker and a community organizer.   Her work includes supporting the development of grassroots organizations in building a strong membership, developing leadership and creating campaigns that support groups to win concrete changes in their communities.  She has extensive knowledge of and practice in building coalitions and strategies to support their success, specially helping coalitions resolve contradictions and conflicts that arise when multiple groups and interests intersect.   Her work includes supporting organizations that have traditionally been service provider organizations move towards using a community-organizing model in their struggle for justice.

Angelica´s does generative conflict resolution in organizations between staff, management and board.  She uses Somatic coaching to support individuals move towards achieving their highest potential as leaders. Her methodology of coaching and training includes healing from trauma and oppression.   As a trainer, coach, and professor she supports the development and growth of new organizers and students.

Currently she is the founding director of Alianza Migrante where she is advancing the field of global justice, specifically in Latin America.  Angelica is working to build a bi-national alliance that focuses on addressing the root causes of migration in Ecuador, including lack of jobs, slowed agricultural development, and failed economic and public policies.

Consulting clients include Social Justice Leadership, National Domestic Workers Alliance, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, New Settlement Parent Action Committee, La Fuente/32BJ, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, and the Hunter College School of Social Work.

Angelica lives in New York, NY.